About My Art


I was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Lawrence, NY. My mother majored in art at Cooper Union and was a member of the Art Student League. She taught and brought art to me in a home school environment. However she also encouraged me to focus in another field as being an artist would not be a satisfying career option.

I graduated in engineering from Johns Hopkins and attended engineering graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. I worked for many years as an engineer in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and North Carolina while experimenting with art.

My North Carolina office/shop/studio is in a separate building about 100 feet from the house. When not painting, I work on developing online web designs, managing ad campaigns, and analytical analysis. I also develop & oversee software and provides production consulting for several manufacturing firms.

During the last 15 years, I have been designing graphics and websites using a digital software called Inkscape. Inkscape treats every object as a vector providing super high resolution. With children now independent, I finally feel free developed painting with Inkscape.

A high end digital printer that uses pigment ink (for very long life) was modified to handle special papers. A special program, separate from Inkscape, is used to control the printer. The pair generates the finest prints.

Papers include:

  • very thin almost transparent, Japanese crafted paper, made from different plants (mostly bamboo)

  • woven canvas treated for printing - different weave patterns are selected for different pieces.

  • 100% cotton papers with different textures

  • very smooth/bright papers.

The printer has about 25 variables that have to be optimized for each type of paper. Before printing, I create a very high density jpg file of the painting. (each piece is over 100 megabytes in size.)

The printing app enables controls of the adjustments. The app sends information to the Epson printer. (Inkscape does not provide all the needed tools needed to control a printer. Creating an output file and then utilizing another app gives one full control.)

Before printing a special jpg file needs to be created. This takes about 20-30 minutes. Each piece then takes between approximately 20 to 45 minutes to print. The cost of paper + ink combined with my lack of patience means with a few exceptions, we do not create more than 1 "print." (When there are multiples, every print is signed and numbered - clearly showing the maximum number of copies.)

From the engineering background, my creations are slowly created. Editing on a computer is similar to writing. One can develop something, print the product, examine it for flaws, and return to refine. This process takes months - most pieces take somewhere between 6 to 9 months until they are finished. Generally about 1 finished piece is created monthly.


My love in art is a mix of both abstraction and realism. Abstract art is treated similar to a puzzle where each piece fits uniquely together. The hardest part of painting an abstract is the mental work of putting it together. Easily a 6 month adventure for each piece.

Realism requires paying attention to details that most viewers will notice. All drawings are created using a special mouse. When required they are combined together into a group, or an object. For example each blade of grass is drawn, and bunched together to create a clump, or group.

My realistic paintings can also be viewed as abstractions. For example clouds and land can be viewed as abstract objects that naturally fit together - with God's blessings.

Some of my newer pieces combine realism and abstraction concepts - kind of a fusion effect. This is the most fun and challenging as an artist.