Natarajasana - Yoga, Lord of Dance

29" x 17" 

Painted completely within Inkscape -  January, 2023

Printed on cellulose paper with archival standards by Hahnemuhle "German Etching"

I developed the ideas for the three yoga asanas while developing a website for a client that teaches yoga.

The Natarajasana, means "Lord of Dance" pose, is both beautiful and amazing, as the body needs to be extremely flexible.

Similar to Hatha Yoga, the art required weeks of proofs and testing - plus reviews by my wife Heidi - until it was ready.

I loved the form and wanted to create art that hopefully showcased it.

The image is a simulation of the finished art.

There is a significant difference in real life between  "ink on paper" and the above image.

With both Hatha Yoga and this piece, I used 2 .jpg files - one for the background, and a second one for the body.

This is similar to classic printing where multiple plates are used - one for each color or pattern.

Unlike regular printmaking, the first print on paper is quite strong and bleeds through into the second print.

Synchronizing them to a significant amount of development time.