Hatha Yoga

29" x 17"

Painted completely within Inkscape - May, 2022

Printed on cellulose paper with archival standards by Hahnemuhle "German Etching"

While developing a website for a client that teaches yoga, I came across images of people performing Hatha Yoga asana (poses).

This one is called Virabhadrasana

I thought the form was fascinating as one could almost feel the body's auras.

After a few weeks of trial and error - with lots of changes - I came up with this final ink and paper version.

The above image is a picture of the finished print.

In order to create the above, I had to use two jpg files - one for the background, and a second one for the body.

This is similar to classic printing where multiple plates are used - one for each color or pattern.

Synchronizing them to a significant amount of development time.