Hands in Meditation

11" x 8-1/2"

Painted completely within Inkscape - September, 2021

Printed on cotton paper by Hahnemuhle "German Etching"

Whenever I am intently thinking, I wind up placing my fingers together and placing both hands in front of my chin.

About a month ago, I was staring at the computer thinking about what to create next.

And it dawned on me to draw my hands.

About half way through creating the Hands in Meditation, Heidi, my toughest critic looked at it.

She asked: "Are you trying to become the Jewish-American Albrecht Dürer?"

I completely forgot about his wonderful hands in prayer - and had to defend myself and point out the differences.

It took an infinite amount of patience to create this drawing.

Doing this in vector graphics probably takes far more time than tackling it in a regular drawing.

I experimented on a number of different papers and chose Hahnemuhle "William Turner"

The paper has fibers that are almost brushed up - this softens the lines and adds for more depth to the print.

The picture is a .jpg of the print - not the vector graphic generation prior to printing.

Once I chose the paper, I then created about 30 different proofs until I had the lines and shading to my satisfaction.

The final print was made on 8-1/2" x 11" Hahnemuhle "German Etching"paper.