Summer Bouquet

Homage a Redon - no. 2

13" x 17"

Painted completely within Inkscape - January, 2022

Printed on a textured, 100% cotton, from Hahnemühle {William Turner} with archival standards

At the beginning of each winter my body and mind has not yet adjusted to the cold.

I feel an urge to paint something warm from the summer, and a flower bouquet is most appropriate.

During the summer months, every week or so, I go to the local farmer's market and purchase flowers for Heidi.

The bouquet for this composition was from sometime in July.


As a teenager when visiting the MOMA in New York, I came across paintings of Odilon Redon.

His fantasies were interesting. But his settings of flowers were wonderful.

Last year I painted a simple vase with some roses and butterflies - trying to pick up some of his spirit.

This year, I opted to plunge further and painted zinnias, roses, a dahlia, a sunflower, and more.

I used the special tools within Inkscape's vector graphics to create a background reminiscent of Redon's flower paintings.

The textured paper from Hahnemühle is the perfect medium to further accentuate the background texture.