japanese umbrella pine

16.5" x 11.5"

Painted completely within Inkscape - April, 2019 - revised March, 2020

Printed on woven fabric

1 print

We own and care for a Japanese Umbrella Pine, that has been planted for about 5 years and is now about 15 ft. tall.

Each fall I prune it to accentuate the leaves at the end and their pattern - It's almost like a living sculpture.

In March, 2020 we opted to revise this into a black, grey, and white print.

We overhauled the print and also created a more textured background - which showcases beautifully on the canvas fabric.

May, 2020, JUP received an honorary award in a Botanical exhibit from Light Space Time.

June, 2020

Alex Ferrone Gallery - Cutchogue, NY

will be showing Japanese Umbrella Pine in an exhibition:

Arborescent National Juried Exhibition

from July 18 - August 23, 2020