Homage a Redon

12" x 12"

Painted completely within Inkscape - December, 2020

Printed on 100% cotton paper with texture as a "footprint"

From March through October the above pitcher and tablecloth are in our screened in porch.

The pitcher was my mother's and has been in the family for decades.

She never used it for flower arrangements - but always liked it's Mediterranean style.

We normally have a lace tablecloth on the table.

The cloth comes from Germany and belonged to Heidi's mother.

Ironically, the two items are a fusion of our mothers.

The painting of the pitcher is pretty close to the "real thing."

Rather than perfectly replicating the lace fabric, I created a repeating pattern similar to many crochet designs.

The sky has a unique texture which shows the light radiating downward.

All spring, summer, and fall Heidi places cut flowers into the picture.

Black eye susans perfectly match the yellow in the pitcher.

The bright red roses are double knockout roses - which flower almost half the year.

I tried to make the bright red jump out in the painting - with the background evergreens as a contrast.

Odilon Redon was a wonderful 19th century French artist.

He created many surreal paintings.

Redon also made some absolutely beautiful flower settings where the flowers jump from the canvas.