G Agave

25" x 17"

Painted completely within Inkscape - April, 2021

Printed on white 100% cotton rag white paper

2 prints

Each winter I need to bring in our agave plant from the garden.

Each winter the darn, awful, mean, points poke me when I move, or periodically water it.

After putting up with the plant for so long, I looked closely at the beautiful shapes of the leaves.

Each one is a beautiful curve - so I opted to create a semi-abstraction of the plant I love/hate.

I originally created this in April, 2020.

Like many artists, I returned to the piece to see if it could be improved.

Fortunately on a computer, I can pull up the older painting, and make a bunch of revisions without having to redo the entire piece.

Updated in April, 2021

G Agave 2021 can be purchased at Saatchi through their online art service:

G Agave was included in the summer 2020 exhibition "Living in Color"


St. Charles, Illinois


G Agave was a finalist in Grey Cube's online Botanical Jury Show for September, 2020