Dragonfly on Cactus

13" x 17"

Painted completely within Inkscape - December, 2021

Printed on a textured, 100% cotton paper, from Hahnemühle {William Turner} with archival standards

My first few years, we lived in Brighton Beach, NY.

There were large dragonflies coming from the marshes that sometimes visited us.

They always mesmerized me with their aerial performances.

In our North Carolina garden we have a small pond which each summer attracts dozens of dragonflies.

They hover over the upright plants and perform an aerial ballet.

Heidi sometimes places a small plant in a pot on a coffee table near us. Summer of 2021, it was a cactus.

Dragonflies love to land on plants' tips, and show no fear of our presence, landing right in front of us.

I again used special tools within Inkscape's vector graphics to create a wonderful background.

The textured paper from Hahnemühle is the perfect medium to further accentuate the background texture.