Study of Sandpipers - a Waltz

11" x 14"

Painted completely within Inkscape - June, 2021

Printed on flat, archival, white paper

Sandpipers always looked like ordinary birds at the beach. I never paid much attention to them.

In May, we visited my sister and brother in law at the beach.

While walking along we saw a crop of them eating "dinner" at a sandbar.

I took a few quick pictures.

Thought I'd eventually make a large painting with sandpipers in groupings - called "Dinner @ the Bar"

Before tackling the large painting, I first studied the sandpipers in detail.

Wow! They are beautiful birds!

I created the bird's outline - then created hundreds of objects for the pattern in each bird's feathers.

Creating the first bird easily consumed a dozen hours - there was so much detail I saw and wanted to paint.

Each bird is slightly different from the other.

After completing the first three birds, I wanted to create a small group and see how that looked after printing.

It looks great - and wanted to share it.

The combination of their legs and peaks formed a rhythmic pattern - almost like a waltz.

The print was made on flat white paper.

Behind the birds I created a swirl effect - which looks best on a flat white surface.

Like many of my pieces, the final print looks vastly superior to the .jpg file one views online.