Foot Print - Kiawah Sunset

12" x 12"

In March, 2020, we opted to create a 1 foot x 1 foot print for the Connecticut Print Society.

It is now called Foot Print - Kiawah Sunset

Foot Print is printed with pigment inks on almost a translucent paper from Japan made from plant fibers

There are 2 prints

At Kiawah Island, we saw a beautiful sunset - off the Ocean Course - facing west.

It was a very hot summer afternoon - one could feel the heat radiantly coming off the sand.

The sun is setting, the sand is now a dark brown showing the orange-yellow glow from the setting sun along with bike tire marks.

September, 2020

Sunset @ Kiawah received the Binnie Berstein Memorial award from the

Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Windsor, Connecticut