Homage a Jimmy Ernst

version #2

17" x 25"

Painted completely within Inkscape - February, 2019

Version #2 was created March, 2022

Printed on off white archive non-bleached archival paper with light texture

February, 2019, we saw an exhibit from Munson-Williams-Proctor Art - shown at Reynolda House in Winston-Salem.

There was a small drawing by Jimmy Ernst that was the initial inspiration for developing this piece.

Ernst clearly worked with a straight edge to create his "painting."

With a computer Homage expands on Ernst's line concept and inserts more playfulness.

Jimmy Ernst is the son of Max Ernst and Luise Straus.

In 1933 the Nazi's SS searched his mother's apartment. He moved to Paris to be with his father.

In 1938, he took refuge in New York. By the 1940's Jimmy Ernst became part of a group of abstract artists.

Click here for a link to the Jimmy Ernst art at Munson Proctor Williams Museum which inspired Homage a Ernst

in case the link fails, below is a jpg file of Jimmy Ernst's piece.

I was fascinated and used the white lines, the black spaces, and the red trapezoid from the lower left side.

I used those ideas as the starting point for my "Homage".

In February, 2020, this painting received an honorable mention award

from Light Space Time - man online international abstract contest with over 1,000 enrollments

May - June, 2020, this painting was included in Mark Arts 2020 Abstract Paintings Exhibit in Wichita, Kansas