Musical Abstract #2

17" x 11.5"

Painted completely within Inkscape - March, 2020

This is printed on woven canvas in a plain (basket) weave that has been treated for inkjet printing

2 prints

This started by a detailed drawing of a stamped aluminum zipper.

After experimenting for weeks. the drawing was transformed into 2 zippers coming together vertically.

I then realized the zipper's teeth - joined together - formed the frets for a guitar.

And they are also the block shape for 1/4 and 1/2 notes.

The body's shape is actually closer to that of an oud - which is related to the guitar.

Early lutes, had an oud shape with frets inserted on the neck.

Added an abstracted sound hole, strings, and the bridge.

Finally added curves, sunburst colors (typical on many guitars), and texture - tying it all together.

In July, 2020, Zippity will be included in:

Taos Art Insurgency - The New Protagonists, a National Juried Exhibition

The painting will show (tentatively) from July 18 - August 2 in Taos, New Mexico